Tuesday, August 11

Baked Yellow Squash...

So, most of you know that I do not usually cook with many measurements at all. I am a make it while you cook it gal. All my meals are extremely simple, yet I am a lover of food and believe that you should completely be excited about cooking or don't do it at all. Love it. I promise your food will taste better if you do. So today, I prepared one of my favorites. Slice up your yellow squash(I buy organic and use a veggie cleaner to wash it well before cutting). Place it all out on a big baking sheet sprayed with a canola or olive oil cooking spray.drizzle olive oil all over the squash. throw a large handful of pine nuts all over. Pinch parsley flakes all over each piece of squash. Cover with some salt(I love super salt by sun fire super foods). Cut a fresh lemon in half and use half of the lemon drizzled all over everything. Top with fresh grated mancheso el trisal cheese. And at last bake in the oven at 325 for about 10-15 min until they look ready to eat(ha!). So good. Let me know if you love this side as much as we do!

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